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NFC Promotion



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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I take part in this promotion?
    All you need is an M1 NFC SIM Card and an NFC-enabled phone.

  2. Do I need to perform activation and registration on the same day in order to get $15 value?
    Activation and registration can be done separately, so long as it is done within the qualifying period of 5 May 2016 – 5 June 2016.

  3. If I qualify, when will the bonus value ($5/$10/$15) be credited into my NFC Prepaid MasterCard account?
    The value will be credited within four (4) weeks from the qualifying end date of 5 June 2016.

  4. How can I check if the value has been credited to my NFC Prepaid MasterCard account?
    Only customers who successfully activate and register their accounts will receive an SMS notification of the credited value. Alternatively, you can also check your NFC Prepaid MasterCard balance via the M1 Mobile Wallet app.