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  1. What are mySIM plans?
    mySIM consist of mySIM3, mySIMe and mySIMs plans
    • mySIM3: SIM-only plans which have no contract or 12-month contract option (12-month contract comes with larger data bundles).
    • mySIMe: Extension of mySIM3 plans with an additional option to purchase a subsidised device with 2-year contract.
    • mySIMs: Add up to 2 mySIMs plans at $12/mth each to either mySIM3 or mySIMe to share the plan’s talktime, messaging and data bundles.

  2. What is the minimum service commitment period for these plans?
    Only for new line sign-ups, there is a minimum commitment period of 1 month.

  3. How do I sign up for mySIM plans?
    You can sign up at any M1 Shop, Exclusive Distributors, or online at

  4. What add-ons are available on mySIM plans?
    Some of the add-ons which you can choose to subscribe to on mySIM plans include:
    • Data Passport
    • IDD 021 Saver
    • Multi-SIM (Applicable only for mySIMe and mySIM3)

  5. Are mySIM plans eligible for Multi-Line Saver (MLS) discounts?
    No, mySIM plans are not eligible for the MLS programme.

  6. Are mySIM plans eligible for Multi-Service Saver (MSS) discounts?
    Lines on mySIM plans (except for mySIMe) do not count towards the total number of mobile lines for the qualification of MSS and the determination of applicable MSS discounts, and they are not eligible for MSS discount.

  1. Can I enjoy Corporate Individual Scheme (CORI) benefits on mySIMe plans?
    No, Corporate Individual Scheme benefits are not applicable on mySIMe plans.

  2. If I have signed a 12-month service commitment contract on mySIM3 plan, can I change to mySIMe plan and purchase a subsidised device?
    Yes, you may do so.

    Early termination charges for the 12-month service commitment contract on mySIMe plans will be waived, if you change to mySIMe and take up a new 2-year device contract.

  3. I am an existing customer on $62/mth (Reg) plan with contract. Can I change my plan to $70/mth (mySIMe 70) plan?
    Yes, you may upgrade your existing plan to mySIMe 70.

  1. If I am an existing customer with a SurfShare line, what will happen to my SurfShare line when I convert the main line to an eligible mySIM3/mySIMe plan?
    Your SurfShare line will be automatically converted to a mySIMs plan at a monthly subscription of $12/month. The additional 500MB data bundle will be removed, but any existing subscription discounts or device contract will still be applicable after the auto-conversion.

  2. I am an existing customer on mySIM3 98/mySIMe 118 plan. Can I add mySIMs to share my unlimited data, talktime and messaging bundles?
    No, mySIMs plan is not applicable as a supplementary line to mySIM3 98 or mySIMe 118 plan.

  3. If I am an existing customer with a SurfShare line, can I change my plan to mySIM3 98/mySIMe 118 plan?
    Before you can change your main line to a mySIM3 98 or mySIMe 118 plan, you will have to change your SurfShare line to a main mobile plan (such as Lite plan).