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Multi-Service Saver



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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I qualify for Multi-Service Saver (MSS)?
    To qualify for the MSS programme, you have to subscribe to 2 Mobile services (on eligible Mobile plans) with 1 Fibre Broadband (FBB) service under your ID. Qualification for MSS is automatic, as long as you fulfill the qualifying criteria.

  2. I have 2 Mobile lines on eligible plans and 1 Fibre Broadband (FBB) service. I recently signed up another Mobile line on eligible plan. Does that mean I get to enjoy 20% off my Mobile line subscriptions?
    Only the first 2 Mobile lines will be nominated automatically, giving you 15% off the 2 subscriptions. Any other Mobile lines which you have, must be nominated before MSS Discounts can be applied on them.

    To enjoy 20% off your Mobile line subscriptions, you have to nominate your third Mobile line via My M1 App or MMA.

  3. Can I nominate my family member’s Mobile lines to enjoy more MSS Discounts?
    You can nominate Mobile line(s) to enjoy more MSS Discounts, as long as the Mobile line(s) is/are under the same registered address. MSS Discounts are limited to 6 nominated Mobile lines.

  4. Can I nominate a Mobile Broadband line?
    No, only M1 Postpaid Mobile lines on eligible Mobile plans may be nominated, subject to further eligibility checks.

  5. Other than MSS Discounts, what are the additional perks if I’m an MSS customer?
    You will also enjoy an early re-contract fee waiver of $250/$350* when you upgrade your handset on any 1 of your Mobile lines annually.
    *Early Re-contract Fee Waiver of $350 is only applicable for re-contracts on $62/mth and above Mobile plans.

  6. Can I utilise the early re-contract fee waiver for any lines which I have nominated for MSS discounts?
    Early re-contract fee waiver is only applicable to Mobile lines registered under your NRIC/FIN. It cannot be used on another subscriber’s Mobile lines.

  7. My current early re-contract fee is $250. If I re-contract on a $62 plan, will I be entitled to a $350 Early Re-contract Fee Waiver? Can I use the remaining $100 to offset the phone price?
    Early Re-contract Fee Waiver can only be used to offset early re-contract fee, and cannot be used for other purposes.

  8. I am an existing Multi-Line Saver (MLS) customer. Can I qualify for the MSS programme?
    Yes, existing MLS customers may choose to switch to MSS as long as you have 2 Mobile services (on eligible Mobile plans) with 1 FBB service under your own ID. To switch to MSS, please call us at 1627.
    Upon request to switch to MSS, you will not be able to return to MLS programme even if you fail to qualify for MSS.

  9. I am an MSS customer and I have subscribed to Upsized Data on one of my Mobile plans. Do I get to enjoy discount off my Upsized Data Value-Added Service (VAS) as well?
    No, MSS Discount is only applicable to monthly subscription of the eligible Mobile plans, and it does not apply to VAS and/or usage charges.

  10. My Mobile line is currently nominated under one group of Mobile lines, can I still nominate it to be under another group of Mobile lines?
    No, a Mobile line can only be nominated to join one group of Mobile lines for MSS Discounts.

  11. I have 3 Mobile Plans and 1 FBB on my MSS. What happens if I decide to suspend one of my Mobile plans?
    You will now enjoy 15% instead of 20% off your Mobile line subscriptions. Nominated Mobile lines must be active at all times to enjoy the MSS Discounts.

  12. What is a Primary Number? Can I change it?
    A Primary Number is your mobile number which you prefer to receive notification SMS on, when there are changes made to your nominated lines.
    You can change your Primary Number by selecting the radio button next to your preferred mobile number.