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Trade-in handset or tablet (“Device”) must come with original battery, cover, stylus, USB/sync cable and charger (where applicable) and must be in working condition, including but not limited to the following:

  • Device must be able to power up with a working reception signal
  • No cracks on LCD screen
  • Check your device's available storage
  • No signs of damage
  • No signs of corrosion

Notwithstanding the above, M1 reserves the right to reject any trade-in Device at M1’s sole discretion at any time.

M1 advises all customers to back-up and erase all data including applications, contacts and personal information including but not limited to your personal details, photos, videos, messages and/or passwords before handing over your Device to us for trade-in. If you are trading in an Apple device (iPhone/iPad), please ensure that your iCloud account is deleted before trade-in. M1 shall not be liable for any loss which you may suffer howsoever arising in connection with the trade-in. M1’s General Terms and Conditions apply.

Trade-in value is applicable to offset against the purchase of new mobile phones with applicable contracts at M1 Shops and will not be exchangeable for cash.

The following applies to trade-in value of device:

  • $5 off trade-in value for $10 Category without charger for handset
  • $10 off trade-in value for other trade-in Categories without charger for handset
  • $50 off trade-in value for other trade-in without charger/sync cable for both handset and tablet

Samsung Trade-in Promotion
The Samsung additional $100 trade-in promotion is only applicable when you make a trade-in with the selected handsets below. For more details on trade-in, click here.

Eligible trade-in models
Apple Samsung Huawei
iPhone XS 64GB
iPhone XS 256GB
iPhone XS 512GB
iPhone XS Max 64GB
iPhone XS Max 256GB
iPhone XS Max 512GB
iPhone XR 64GB
iPhone XR 128GB
iPhone XR 256GB
iPhone X 64GB
iPhone X 256GB
iPhone 8 64GB
iPhone 8 256GB
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB
iPhone 7 32GB
iPhone 7 128GB
iPhone 7 256GB
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
Galaxy Note9 128GB
Galaxy Note9 512GB
Galaxy Note8
Galaxy S9
Galaxy S9+ 64GB
Galaxy S9+ 128GB
Galaxy S9+ 256GB
Galaxy S8 64GB
Galaxy S8+ 64GB
Galaxy S7 32GB
Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB
Galaxy S7 Edge 128GB
Huawei Mate 20
Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Huawei P20
Huawei P20 Pro
Huawei P30
Huawei P30 Pro