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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is M1 Mobile Guard?
    M1 Mobile Guard is a network based service that detects viruses and malware attacks, and alerts users via SMS/email. It also provides a fix for smartphones, tablets and computers.

  2. How does M1 Mobile Guard work?
    M1 Mobile Guard analyses your Internet traffic for malware threats that can potentially compromise your device’s security. When a threat is found, M1 Mobile Guard sends you an SMS/email alert to inform you that we have detected a threat that puts your device and personal information at risk.

    Using the link provided in the SMS/email alert, you can access the remediation page for our recommendations on how you can remove the threats.

  3. I have just received an SMS/Email malware alert. What am I supposed to do now?

    Step 1: When M1 Mobile Guard detects a malware, an SMS/Email is sent.

    Step 2: Click on the link in the SMS to go to remediation advisory webpage. Select the appropriate advisory for your device.

    Step 3: Follow the appropriate advisory from the webpage to either factory reset your device or run the recommended antivirus solution.

    Alternatively, visit M1 Mobile Guard Portal for recommendations on how to remove threats from each mobile device. M1 Mobile Guard provides recommendations to mobile and mobile broadband users for their iOS devices, Android devices, Windows & Mac OS computers.

    You can log in to the Portal to have an overview of the malware your device is infected with.

    After fixing the malware on the mobile device, you can revisit the Portal to clear the alert by clicking on either “Dismiss This Alert” button or “Block This Alert” button.

    • Dismiss This Alert
      Deletes the current instance of the alert from the dashboard. M1 Mobile Guard will alert you again if the same malware attacks again. (Recommended)
    • Block This Alert
      Deletes the current instance of the alert from the dashboard. You will not receive any future alerts if the same malware attacks again. You have an option to go to the ‘Blocked Alerts’ tab in the dashboard and unblock that alert.

  4. What are the system requirements for M1 Mobile Guard?
    M1 Mobile Guard is able to support iOS, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems.

  5. I already have a mobile security software. What is different about this solution?
    M1 Mobile Guard provides an additional layer of protection by analysing your Internet traffic for the presence of threats in your network. This network-based solution is always-on, always up-to-date and can't be disabled by hackers because it’s in the cloud. M1 Mobile Guard provides a complete protection of your device as it detects, alerts and cleans malware on your device.

  6. What kind of threats are analysed?
    M1 Mobile Guard service can detect thousands of different threats such as identity theft, cybercrime, computer viruses, spyware, phishing and poisonous site threats.

    High-Risk Malware
    These threats can cause financial loss, theft of personal information, loss of data, damage to the device or engage in illegal activity. They include banking Trojans, keyloggers, ransomware, remote access backdoors, SMS Trojans, Spam bots, DDOS bots, network worms, computer viruses, password stealers, etc.

    Moderate-Risk Malware
    These threats do not do any serious damage, but they can exhibit annoying behaviour, collect personal information for tracking purposes and be difficult to remove. The user will typically be aware of the annoying behaviour and may even choose not to uninstall the malware. These threats include aggressive adware, browser hijackers and spyware that tracks browsing and network usage.

    Low-Risk Malware
    Any other malware that does not classify under High-Risk or Moderate-Risk is a Low-Risk malware. M1 Mobile Guard does not detect Low-Risk malware as their risk level is considerably low.

  7. Will I be safe from all internet threats if I have M1 Mobile Guard?
    Unfortunately, no security offering can guarantee that you will be safe from all threats. However, M1 Mobile Guard is a simple and effective way to increase your safety online.

  8. I am a Multi-SIM customer. Will M1 Mobile Guard be able to protect all my devices?
    Yes, you will only require one subscription to M1 Mobile Guard and it will protect all of your devices. Multi-SIM customers have the option to manage settings for each of those SIMs in the Portal. For Android customers and customers using the software for their windows and Mac devices, please note that you can only use the Trend Micro Maximum Security concurrently on one device.

    Alternatively, you can subscribe to Ultimate Security, to get all your devices protected concurrently. Click here for more information.

  9. I have just subscribed to M1 Mobile Guard Security. What am I supposed to do next?
    Please visit the settings page here to customise your settings.
    • Set your ‘Device Name’ to identify the device. Default ‘Device Name’ is the serial number of your SIM card.
    • Change the ‘SMS notification’ number if you wish to receive the SMS alert on another M1 Mobile number. Please note that you will not receive alerts if a non-M1 Mobile number is being set.
      Note: No validation if customer enters a non-M1 mobile number.

    • Enter an email in the ‘Email Notification’ field, if you would like to receive the malware alerts via email, in addition to receiving the same alert over SMS.
    • Choose what type of alerts you wish to receive via SMS and Email. You can set them to either:
    • o High & Moderate Risk Alerts – To receive all possible alerts;
      o High Risk Alerts Only - To receive only the High-Risk malware alerts; or
      o No Alerts - if you do not wish to receive any

      Please note that these alert notification settings only apply to the SMS and Email alerts. You can still view all the malware alerts for your device in the Portal.

  10. What should I do if I receive an alert for the same threat?
    You may receive the same alert more than once if:
    • The threat wasn't successfully removed the first time.
    • The threat was successfully removed. However, your mobile devices was infected with the same malware again.
    • Not all of the infected mobile devices under your account were cleaned (Multi-Sim User).

  11. I have updated my email address in the Portal, but why am I receiving only SMS alerts?

    To ensure you receive email notifications, please perform the following checks:

    • Login to Portal to ensure that you have entered the correct email address.
    • Ensure your ‘Email Alert Notification Level’ is set to receive either ‘High Risk Alerts Only’ or ‘High & Moderate Risk Alerts’.
    • Check your “Junk/Spam” mailbox for an email from the sender “M1 Mobile Guard”.

  12. I have followed the remediation tools recommendation and downloaded the recommended remediation tool on my device. However, it did not detect the malware that M1 Mobile Guard service has detected.
    The recommended remediation tool should be able to detect most of the malware detected by M1 Mobile Guard. However, sometimes the malware signatures for M1 Mobile Guard service may differ from those of the recommended remediation tools.

  13. I recently changed my SIM. Why am I not able to see my alert history in the portal?
    Your SIM card is the key identification used for detecting threat(s). Therefore a change in your SIM card will reset your alert(s) history.

  14. Will I be able to enjoy M1 Mobile Guard service after inserting my SIM card into another supported device?
    Yes, you will be able to.

  15. Will M1 Mobile Guard service work when I roam?
    Yes, M1 Mobile Guard “Detect and Alert” service will still work as long as you are roaming with M1 SIM card when threat is detected.

  16. I have M1 Mobile Guard and I used my mobile device to tether, will others using my network be able to enjoy M1 Mobile Guard service?
    No, if others are using your device to surf and they download any malware applications, only your device will be alerted.