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Migration to New SIM-only Plan


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is M1 retiring the older price plans?
    In an effort to improve our products and service offerings, we will be retiring some of our older mobile plans by way of paving better value plans for our existing customers. We will be moving you on board our all-new SIM-only plan and there’ll be no actions required on your end.

  2. How will this affect me?
    Your current mobile service will be retired on the date indicated in the letter/SMS. To avoid any disruption, we’ll be moving you to our new plan with immediate effect from the closure date, making it a seamless transition to our bigger bundle and better value all-new SIM-only plan.

  3. What benefits are there on the new SIM-only plans?
    On top of your bigger bundle and better value, enjoy these exclusive M1 perks:
    • Free-flow Weekend Data (Applicable on $25 SIM-only plan)
    • Free Caller ID
    • Free Incoming Calls
    • Unlimited Free Calls to 3 M1 Numbers

  4. I am previously on a non-data bundled plan and have deactivated data access to prevent incurring any data charges, will I still be able to utilise data on the new SIM-only plan?
    Yes. With the migration to the new SIM-only plan, all your previous data setting will be reset. Therefore you will be able to access data. For customers who do not require local mobile data services, you may de-activate the access to local mobile data services by calling 1627 or turn off the local mobile data function on your handset.

  5. Am I required to serve any contract term with the new plan?
    No, our new SIM-only plan is contract-free. This means you are free to change to our Plan with Device that offers you handset subsidy to buy the phone you love at any time. At M1, we are giving you all that flexibility.

  6. Am I only limited to this plan that I am moved to?
    M1 is committed to bringing you the best value plan. Based on your current subscription and bundle, we have done a match and found that the plan is most suitable for you. Feel free to customize or add more to your new plan via the M1 App or the Self Service Portal. There will not be any penalty imposed.

  7. Do I have to pay a price difference on the new SIM-only plan?
    Depending on the new SIM-only plan matched for your current service, there may be a slight difference in the subscription you are paying today.

  8. I have recently signed up for mySIM3 20. Why is M1 migrating me to a higher subscription on $25 SIM-only plan?
    Whilst a price rise is never good news, we are assuring your bigger bundles and better benefits on the new $25 SIM-only plan. Your new plan includes 30GB local data bundle, 1,000 outgoing mins, 1,000 SMS and free Unlimited Weekend Data and Caller ID at an additional $5/mth.

  9. Can I purchase a handset with this current plan?
    Should you like to purchase a handset at a subsidized amount, you can change to our Plan with Device at any time. Simply visit our website or drop by any M1 Shop.

  10. I do not require the additional bundle packs, how can I remove them, and will there be any penalty?
    You can add or remove these VASes via the M1 App or the Self Service Portal. There will not be any penalty imposed.

  11. Can I add additional bundle packs if I was given one already?
    No, only one bundle pack can be active at any one time. However, you may change to a bigger bundle pack at any time.

  12. What are the benefits of changing to the recommended plan?
    With the migration exercise, you will get to enjoy bigger data bundles, better perks and even savings as compared to your current plan. Our new plan also comes with Free Caller ID, Free Incoming Calls and Free Unlimited Weekend Data!