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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Open Electricity Market (OEM)?
    With the Open Electricity Market launched nationwide, you now have the option to buy electricity from your preferred electricity provider. Bringing you greater flexibility to choose a price plan that best meets your needs, while enjoying the same supply through the national power grid.

  2. Who is Keppel Electric?
    Keppel Electric is Singapore’s first home grown electricity retailer, with 20 years of experience powering Singapore’s electricity grid. With the launch of Open Electricity Market, you will be able to buy electricity directly from Keppel Electric and select a price plan that meets your needs.

  3. Why should I sign up for Keppel Electric through M1?
    You get to enjoy additional perks when you sign up for Keppel Electric Plans.

  4. What are the different price plans available?
    Keppel Electric have various plans that fits your lifestyle and needs. Sign up for Fixed plans and enjoy peace of mind with a constant fixed rate throughout your contract period. Get a guaranteed discount off the prevailing tariffs rate through your contract period with the DOT plans. Lastly, gain attractive night savings with Off-peak rate from 11pm to 7am with the Knight plan.

  5. Will there be any power disruption if I switch to Keppel Electric?
    There will be no disruption to your electricity supply if you retain your existing meter type.

    There may be a temporary disruption to your electricity supply (no more than 30 minutes) if you opt to switch to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Meter. SP Group’s technical representative will advise on the disruption time (if any) on the day of installation.

  6. What is an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Meter?
    Most residential premises today use a Cumulative Meter to measure their electricity consumption. Cumulative Meters are read by SP Group once every two months by sending meter readers to your premises to record your electricity usage. On the month where your meter is not read, SP Group will estimate the month's consumption based on an Energy Market Authority (EMA) approved methodology.

    Smart Meters, otherwise known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Meters are digital meters which allow electricity consumption to be tracked and remotely read at half hourly intervals. Premises with Smart Meters will no longer require manual reading and estimation of electricity consumption.

  7. Am I required to change my electricity meter upon switching to Keppel?
    It is not compulsory to switch to an AMI Meter when signing up with Keppel Electric. However, you may consider installing an AMI meter to ensure your monthly bill is based on actual readings instead of alternate month’s estimation. This allows you to track and better manage your consumption patterns.

  8. Are there any charges if I wish to change my electricity meter?
    Yes, EMA has introduced a one-time installation fee of S$42.80 (after GST) per AMI meter.

  9. Who should I call in the event of power outage or disruption?
    SP Group maintains the electricity transmission and distribution network. Please contact SP Group at 1800 778 8888 (24-Hr Electricity Service Centre) in the event of any power outage or disruption to your electricity supply.

  10. What is Keppel Electric's hotline and operating hours?
    You may contact Keppel Electric at (65) 6803 3000 on Monday – Friday between 9am – 6pm (excluding Public Holidays)
  1. How long does it take for my electricity account to be transferred from SP Group to Keppel Electric?
    The estimated time required to transfer your electricity account to Keppel Electric varies as listed below:
    No meter change: 2-3 weeks
    AMI Meter Change: 4-5 weeks

  2. When will I receive my M1 exclusive rewards?
    You will receive your M1 exclusive rewards only when your transfer to Keppel Electric is successful. This may take up to 2 months.

  3. Can I change my promotion after sign-up/re-contract?
    No, upon signing up/re-contract or upon redemption, you will not be able to change your promotion.

  4. Where can I find my SP Account Number?
    Your 10-digit SP Account Number can be found at the top right-hand corner of your SP Services Utilities Bill. When you decide to switch to buy electricity from a retailer, a new account – known as the Market Support Service (MSS) account – will be created with SP Group who is the Market Support Services Licensee (MSSL). A new Keppel Electric account number will also be created once customers have successfully switched over.

  5. Must the person who signs up be the same person who is the SP Account holder? Can I sign up on behalf of someone?
    Yes, customer has to be the same person who is the SP account holder or he will need to provide an authorisation letter that he/she is authorised to sign up on behalf of the electricity account holder.

  6. I am renting this house / I am a tenant. Can I sign up?
    Yes, customers must:
    • Be over 18 years of age
    • Provide authorisation letter that he/she is authorised to sign up on behalf of the electricity account holder
    • Provide latest SP Services bill / Electricity Bill to the premise requiring electricity supply

  7. I would like to continue my electricity account with Keppel Electric after moving to a new house.
    Your electricity contract with Keppel Electric can be transferred from your current premise to your new premise. Please write in to Keppel Electric at at least 15 business days before the move out to facilitate the transfer.

  8. What happens if I want to terminate after I complete the sign up process?
    Once the sign up is completed, you will receive a contract. Early termination charge will apply if you terminate the contract prematurely. Please contact Keppel Electric at (65) 6803 3000 or, should you wish to terminate your contract.

  9. I have just gotten the keys to my new house. How do I sign up with Keppel Electric if I have no electricity account?
    You will need to first open your electricity account with SP Group together with your water and gas utilities. Upon receiving your first bill from SP Group, you will then be eligible to sign up with Keppel Electric.

  10. What will happen if my contract with Keppel Electric expires?
    To assist you with your contract renewal, Keppel Electric will contact you 10 working days prior to your contract expiry date.

    Please note that your Keppel Electric contract will be automatically renewed at the prevailing rate upon contract expiry.

    For consumers on FIXED36 plan, please note that the plan has been discontinued. You will be renewed onto a FIXED24 plan instead, with a contractual term of 24 months at the prevailing electricity rate.

  11. How can I check the status of my Keppel Electric application?
    Please contact Keppel Electric at (65) 6803 3000, or write in to

  1. Who will be reading my electricity meter after I switch to Keppel Electric?
    SP Group is the sole licensed meter reader for all Residential and Business consumers in Singapore.

  2. How do I know if my meter reading is accurate?
    SP Group is the sole licensed meter reader for all Residential and Business consumers in Singapore. You may request for your meter(s) to be tested by SP Group. In the event the meter is found to be working according to the Metering Code, SP Group may impose a service fee for the test. Meter accuracy is governed by the Metering Code issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA). The Metering Code is available on EMA's website at

  1. What are the payment modes available to Keppel Electric?
    Keppel Electric offers the following payment modes:
    • GIRO (Other banks)
    • Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)
    • Internet Banking (DBS/UOB)
    • DBS PayLah! (For residential consumers only)
    • AXS
    • Cheque
    • Cash @ Keppel Electric Customer Service Centre only

  2. How do I apply for GIRO payment with Keppel Electric?
    Click here to download the GIRO form and mail it to the following address.
    Keppel Electric Pte Ltd
    1 HarbourFront Avenue
    #06-03 Keppel Bay Tower
    Singapore 098632

  3. How do I switch from paper billing to e-billing, and vice versa?
    Please contact Keppel Electric at (65) 6803 3000, or write in to

  4. I signed up for Keppel Electric through M1. How will I be billed for my electricity?
    You will receive your electricity bill directly from Keppel Electric. Separately, you will continue to receive bills from SP Group for other utilities such as water and gas. For billing enquiries, please contact Keppel Electric directly at (65) 6803 3000 or

  5. What if my payment is late?
    A late fee of 1% per month on your Keppel Electric account's outstanding amount is applicable if the payment is not received by invoice due date.

  6. What will happen to my existing security deposit with SP Group if I switch to Keppel Electric?
    Your security deposit with SP Group is non-transferable. SP Group will use your security deposit to offset any subsequent amount outstanding with them.

  7. Do I have to pay Security Deposit?
    Security deposit is waived for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Consumers holding a foreign identification number will be required to pay Security deposit based on the dwelling type. However, Keppel Electric reserves the right to charge and collect Security deposit in future based on the credit profile of our consumers.