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Samsung Galaxy S20 Series



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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register my interest for the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series?
    You can register your interest for Samsung Galaxy S20 series from our website or via My M1 App using your M1 ID.

  2. How many times can I register my interest?
    The maximum number of submissions you can make is 5. However, if you are selecting a mobile line to re-contract, you can only submit once with that mobile line.

  3. I have registered my interest. Am I guaranteed a set?
    Registration of interest is not a stock reservation or order confirmation. We will be contacting you via SMS and/or email when updates on the pre-order are available.

  4. Can I register on behalf of my family?
    Yes, you can as the pre-order links are transferable and valid for one-time use. However, it is recommended that the subscriber of the mobile line does the registration with his own M1 ID.

  5. How do I know my registration of interest is successful?
    You will receive a confirmation email and SMS. If you do not receive the email, please check your junk/ spam email boxes. You can add and to your address book so that our emails will not go to your Junk folder.

  6. I wish to enjoy Corporate discounts/benefits that my company is entitled to. How can I enjoy these?
    You will be prompted to validate your CORI eligibility using your corporate email address during registration of interest. You will enjoy the corporate discount/benefits if it is successfully validated.

  1. How do I know when I can pre-order?
    You will receive a pre-order link from us via SMS at the mobile number indicated during your registration of interest. An email will also be sent to your M1 ID email address.

  2. What do I need to prepare for the pre-order?
    Please refer to the confirmation email sent after you have submitted your registration of interest to gear up for the pre-order.

  3. I am on a retired plan. Am I eligible to pre-order?
    Yes, you are. You will be required to select our new Plan with Device to proceed successfully with the pre-order.

  4. I have not received my pre-order link yet.
    Sending of pre-order invitations will be based on the order of registration of interest.

  5. Can I share my pre-order link with my family or friends who are interested in this pre-order?
    You may forward your pre-order link to someone else. Please note that this is an exclusive link for one-time use only regardless of SMS or email.

  6. I have the pre-order link. Can I pre-order on behalf of my friends / family members?
    The subscriber of the new / re-contract line needs to log in with his M1 ID to pre-order.

  7. I have completed my pre-order. Can I forward my pre-order link to another person to do the pre-order?
    No, this is an exclusive link for one-time use only.

  8. I have completed my pre-order but did not receive a confirmation email.
    You may wish to check your junk/ spam mail boxes.

  9. I want to trade in my old handset but do not see this option in the pre-order flow.
    Trade-in is not available during pre-order. You can proceed with your pre-order and inform our staff about your trade-in request during your collection at M1 Shops. They will assist you with the price adjustment if you wish to trade in your phone. Trade-in is not available for delivery and collection at POPStation. Handset is subjected to condition check as per M1 Shop Trade in Programme. Refer to here for more info.

  10. How do I redeem my Sunperks / Handset Upgrade Voucher / Sunriser voucher during pre-order?
    Your available vouchers will be listed at pre-order. Simply select and apply the desired voucher on your cart summary page prior to check-out for your pre-order purchase.

  11. I have forgotten to select or enter promo code for my pre-order purchase.
    Please inform our staff during your collection at M1 Shops to make the necessary adjustments.

  12. I have bought M1 FoneCare+ for my Samsung Galaxy S10 / Note10 series and wish to return it to qualify for Early Upgrade Fee Waiver.
    Please highlight this to our staff during the collection at M1 Shop and they will assist you accordingly. Devices that are returned for FoneCare+ Upgrade is subject to the same condition check as per M1 Shop Trade-In Program. Please note that return of handset for Early Upgrade Fee Waiver is not available for delivery or collection via POPStation.

  13. I have submitted a pre-order under my name but I wish to enjoy Corporate discounts that my company is entitled to.
    Please bring along your staff pass and NRIC/FIN and inform our staff during the collection at M1 Shop. Our staff will assist you accordingly if the request is approved.

  14. What are the payment modes accepted for pre-order?
    AMEX, Visa and Mastercards are all accepted.

  1. I have already received my order confirmation but want to make changes (such as model, colour, capacity and collection location) to my order.
    Selection of device and collection slot location are considered final upon order confirmation and requests to changes will not be accommodated.

  2. Can I request for someone to collect the phone on my behalf?
    You have to be present with your NRIC during collection if you are signing a new line.

  3. Can I come earlier than my scheduled appointment timeslot for collection?
    You are not encouraged to do so as all customers will be served based on their allocated timeslots.

  4. I am unable to collect during my allocated timeslot. Can I go down on another date?
    You are not encouraged to do so as all customers will be served based on their allocated timeslots. If you are re-contracting and collecting from an M1 Shop, you may authorise a representative (who is 18 years old & above and subject to approval at M1 Shop) collect on your behalf. Your representative will be required to bring the following documents:

    1. Letter of Authorization completed and signed by you (Download form here. Acrobat Reader is required.)
    2. Subscriber’s NRIC
    3. Your representative’s NRIC

  1. If I did not pre-order, when is the earliest that I can purchase the phone?
    Samsung Galaxy S20 series will be available for walk-in sales from 6 March 2020 onwards, subject to stock availability.

  2. Will the free Pre-order Exclusives Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (worth $268) for Samsung Galaxy S20+ | S20 Ultra 5G series be available for walk-in sales?
    No it is only applicable for pre-orders only, while stocks last.