how to connect

What you need to enjoy NumberShare

A M1 Postpaid Mobile Plan

Check if your plan is eligible here.

A Compatible Samsung Phone

Any Samsung smartphone with Android 8.0 Oreo or later

A Compatible Cellular Samsung Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE or later with Android 8.0 Oreo or later

Set up NumberShare

Step 1: Launch Galaxy Wearable App on your Samsung device, scroll down and select “Mobile networks”

Note: Ensure that the M1 number you wish to subscribe NumberShare for is active on the paired Samsung phone

Step 2: After the app completes checking for service, click “Next”

Step 3: Click “Subscribe”

Step 4: Enter account holder’s credentials and acknowledge T&Cs

Step 5: Acknowledge T&Cs by clicking “OK”

Step 6: Subscription is complete. Click “Next”

Step 7: Wait for several minutes then select “Mobile Networks” again and click “Connect” to complete the activation

Step 7a: If the “Connect” page does not appear, please click “Cancel” and wait for several minutes before re-attempting Step 7 again.

Step 8: The Samsung watch is now connected to M1 network. Click “Done” to continue.