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Key Benefits
  • What is M1 Static IP Service?

    M1 Static IP service gives you a fixed public IPv4 address. The same IP address will be assigned to your Home Fibre Broadband service each time you go online. This makes it possible for you to access your devices on your home network remotely, thus, maximizing user’s experience.

    Static IP enables you to do the following:

    View your home IP Camera

    • Allows user to monitor their homes anytime by logging in to their IP camera with their Static IP address from any computer or mobile device.

    Personal cloud storage

    • Allows you to access and transfer your files seamlessly by connecting a Network-Attached-Storage (NAS) or Hard Disk to your home network which serves as your personal cloud storage.

    Run a private game network

    • It enables you to set up a private gaming server, giving you the choice to select your own friends as your gaming partners and allowing them to log in and out for an online session easily.

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    • The ability to view your photos, stream videos, listen to music, and retrieve documents from your home network via any PC or mobile devices, anywhere, anytime.
    • Upload and download any file regardless of its file size, to and from your personal cloud storage on-the-go


    • You have more control as you do not need to be dependent on 3rd party server to remotely access your network devices. This will not be possible if you are using a dynamic IP Home Fibre Broadband Service as you would likely be using a Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS). Some of these DDNS are often chargeable and may not guarantee you with access to your network device any time you want due to the 3rd party server’s unpredictable refresh rate and maintenance schedule.


    • Allows hosts to fully customize their own gaming server settings and grant access to a controlled group of players for a more private and enhanced gaming experience.
  • Sign up for static IP now!

    How is it charged?

    Registration Fee Monthly Subscription
    $5.35 $2/mth

    Where to sign up

    Note: M1 Static IP service is made available to all new and existing M1 Fibre Broadband customers only.

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