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How It Works
  • SAMS is an intelligent caregiving tool, powered by Anjels and M1 Fibre Broadband. This service enables designated family members and caregivers to remotely care for the elderly at their homes 24/7, 365 days a year.

    The deployment of wireless sensors for remote elderly monitoring do not impede on a resident’s independence or privacy. Also, caregivers can access the Care Portal from any smart device on the move to check on daily activities as well as customise alerts real-time, giving them greater peace of mind while they are away.


    • Real-time tracking of elderly’s activity at home with motion sensor detection
      • Schedules can be customised to suit elderly’s living patterns

    • Portable panic button for elderly to call for help if they require immediate attention

    • SMS alert notification system triggered by periods of abnormal activity, or upon pressing of portable panic button
      • Allow caregivers/family members to react quickly during emergencies
      • SMS system runs on WiFi – without the need for a SIM card, there is little worry of losing mobile signal and failing

    • Caregiver can easily view past activities or trends on their device (e.g. smart phone or laptop) through a secure web URL
      • Conveniently change configuration and settings on-the-go
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring Interface for Caregivers


    Wireless Door Sensor Has someone left the house?

    - Detects movement of door opening and closing
    - Alerts caregiver through SMS if elderly is out for a long period of time

    Wireless Motion Sensor Was there activity detected in the kitchen at meal times? Has there been excessive activity in the bathroom? How well is the elderly sleeping? Has he / she gotten out of bed?

    - Detect patterns of motion
    - Detects the period where elderly is inactive and trigger a customised SMS alert if elderly is in or out of bed
    - Graphing and summary reports are available to track activity trends; monitor and detect abnormal behaviour

    Wireless Portable Panic Button Need help during emergency?

    - Trigger a customised SMS alert to caregiver to seek for immediate help

    iNet Mini Smarthub Are all my sensors functioning?

    - Monitor the status of the sensors with the centralised gateway
    - Connected to your router via a LAN cable

    24/7 Activity Trend Report

    • Monitor the elderly’s movement during a particular period in the day
    • Keep a record of the time spent in various rooms throughout the day
    • Ensure that sensors are functioning optimally
  • One-Time Equipment Charge Monthly Subscription
    $214 $14.66
    Devices SAMS Package includes Charges for Additional Devices
    Wireless Motion Sensor 1 unit Limited to 3 additional units at $103.80 each
    Wireless Portable Panic Button 1 unit -
    iNet Mini Smarthub 1 unit -
    Wireless Door Sensor - Limited to 1 additional unit at $103.80 each
    • 24 month commitment contract applies
    • Comes with installation, training and 12-month warranty by Anjels
    • Installation is available from Monday – Friday, 9am – 1pm, or 1 – 5pm
    • Customers can choose to purchase additional devices either at the point of sign-up with M1 or at the point of installation carried out by Anjels. Each device costs $103.80.
    • A transport charge of $32.10 is applicable if the additional devices are purchased after the initial complimentary installation.
    • Above charges are inclusive of GST

    To sign up, visit any M1 Shop or M1 Exclusive Distributor from 10 March onwards.

    Note: Only available for all new and existing M1 Fibre Broadband customers. Click here to see our amazing Fibre deals.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Do I need an Internet connection?
      Yes, an active internet connection and wireless router (with port forwarding function) is required. The i-Net Mini will be connected via a LAN cable to the router, and the other wireless devices will run on WiFi.

    2. What happens if my Internet connection is down?
      The service will not be able to function and the caregiver will not be able to receive alerts in the event of an emergency. However Anjels will send an SMS informing the caregiver when it detects that the Internet connection has been down for more than 30 minutes.

    3. Do I require a power outlet for the devices?
      Yes, the i-Net Mini will need to be located within 1.5m of a power outlet with a power socket or 3-pin plug. However the other devices are battery-operated.

    4. What happens if I change my wireless router or switch my Internet provider?
      Your Smart Activity Monitoring Service may require re-configuration to work properly. You may call Anjels at their technical support hotline for assistance over the phone. You may also request for Anjels to arrange a separate visit to your home for on-site re-configuration, at $107 per trip.

    5. Can I add on more sensors even after my Smart Activity Monitoring Service is activated?
      Yes, you can purchase up to a maximum of 3 motion sensors and an additional door sensor at $103.80 per device from M1 Shops. Anjels will subsequently contact you within 3 working days to arrange for the installation. A transport charge of $32.10 will be collected by Anjels directly as your initial complimentary installation had already been completed.

    6. Do the devices come with warranty?
      Yes, 12-month warranty and maintenance is provided by our partner Anjels.

    7. Who can I contact if I require technical support?
      You can contact our partner Anjels at their hotline 6274 4558 (Monday-Friday except Public Holidays, 9am-6pm).

    8. What are the various service fees during and after the warranty period?
      Services During Warranty After Warranty
      Faulty Equipment Troubleshooting FOC $107 + equipment replacement fee
      On-site Battery Replacement $107 (excludes battery) $107 (excludes battery)
      On-Site Troubleshooting* First 2 trips FOC, subsequently $107 per visit $107 per visit
      Router Reconfiguration $107 per visit $107 per visit
      Service Reconfiguration $107 per visit $107 per visit

      Above charges are inclusive of GST and are payable to Anjels directly.

      *Required only when phone assistance is unable to resolve customer’s issue

    9. Are there any cancellation charges?
      There are no charges if you cancel the service before installation. However early termination charges equal to the subscription charge over the remaining months of the contract will apply if you cancel the service any time after installation. If you had made a request to purchase additional sensors from M1 Shops, you will not be allowed to cancel any purchases.

    10. Why are IP cameras not included in the package?
      We wish to provide a remote care solution that is less intrusive, to give the elderly more independence and privacy in their homes.
  • For technical support, please contact our partner Anjels: 6274 4558

    Support hours: Mondays – Fridays, 9am-6pm (except Public Holidays)

    To learn how to access the Care Portal on your smart devices, please click here.

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