1. Eligibility

    1. All M1 postpaid mobile voice, postpaid mobile broadband and fixed broadband customers are eligible for this programme.
    2. Prepaid customers and customers who are on Corporate Premium / Regular, U21 and foreigners under work permit and student pass are not eligible for this voucher. Corporate Premium / Regular customer refers to customers with subscription registered under the company's name and BRN (Business Registration Number).
    3. Loyalty Bonus Vouchers will be issued to customers who have stayed with M1 for at least 5 years:
      5 years to 9 years – $25 Loyalty Bonus Voucher
      10 years onwards – $50 Loyalty Bonus Voucher
    4. Customer tenure is calculated based on the first service sign-up date, provided the customer maintains at least 1 active service throughout.
  2. Issuance

    1. Loyalty Bonus Voucher will be issued to customers annually on their anniversary month.
    2. Anniversary month refers to the month in the year of the service start date.
    3. Each eligible customer is entitled to one Loyalty Bonus Voucher annually regardless of the number of services with M1.
    4. Each Loyalty Bonus Voucher is valid for 1 year.
  3. Redemption

    1. For redemption of Loyalty Bonus Voucher, a two-year handset contract applies on the line of the customer. All other M1 Shop handset re-contract terms and conditions also apply.
    2. Vouchers are to be used to offset the purchase of device (handsets and tablets only) on any line registered under the customer with a two-year re-contract or new line sign-up.
    3. Eligible customers must either have a line with no handset contract, or have completed 20 months of their existing contracts; additional $250 and $350 applies on the phone offers for customers who have completed at least 11 months of their normal handset contract and/or iPhone handset contract respectively.
    4. Voucher is strictly non-transferable.
    5. Loyalty Bonus Vouchers can be combined with M1 Shop vouchers, Sunriser vouchers and Handset Re-contract Vouchers redeemed with SunPerks points.
    6. Loyalty Bonus Vouchers may be used to offset early re-contract surcharge and Take3 Handset exchange charges.
    7. Loyalty Bonus Vouchers are valid for use at all M1 Shops and Exclusive Distributors.
    8. The Loyalty Bonus Voucher and/or any unutilized amount in the discount cannot be exchanged for cash, accessories, RRP purchase or offset against bill payment.
    9. No extension of voucher after expiry. Balance amount will not be carried forward. M1 Shop terms of sale apply. To the fullest extent permissible under applicable laws, M1 reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw the promotion, or any terms and conditions without prior notice to the customers.
  4. Others

    1. M1's decision on all matters pertaining to the Loyalty Bonus Voucher is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
    2. M1 reserves the right at any time at its discretion to vary these Terms and Conditions and/or to terminate the Loyalty Bonus Voucher Programme without prior notice.
    3. All M1 customers are bound by and must comply with the Loyalty Bonus Voucher terms and conditions herein.