The 10 minutes of FREE IDD 021 calls is applicable AFTER the first 8 minutes to eligible destinations. This will only be awarded ONCE per call and must be utilized within the same call. Any unutilized free minutes shall be automatically forfeited. There are no limits to the number of times a customer can enjoy the 10 minutes of FREE IDD 021 calls to the eligible destination each day. The first 5 global SMS to eligible destinations/ first 5 local SMS daily can be deducted as pay-per-use charge and/or free SMS, whichever applicable. 75 free global SMS/ 10 free local SMS are valid till and must be utilized by 2359hrs on the same day. Any unused free SMS will be forfeited and will not be rolled over to the next day. Promotion is only applicable to each M Card user once a day (0000 – 2359hrs). All dates and times stated will be based on that of M1 system.