Use Mobile Data Overseas As You Would in Singapore

With Data Passport, your data roaming usage on the relevant preferred network can be deducted from the LOCAL data bundle of your eligible mobile or mobile broadband plan. And if you have additional local data bundles from Upsized Data and Youth / Senior Benefits, these bundles can also be used with Data Passport too.

By using your local data bundle overseas, you will be charged at local rates for any data usage in excess of your local data bundle(s) at just $10.70 per GB and same monthly data bill cap of $188.32.

Data Passport is now available in 48 destinations across Asia, Europe and United States of America with monthly subscription from $10, per destination. The minimum subscription period is one month and will be charged according to the date of activation.

Monthly Subscription
(based on activation date)
Available Destinations
$10 per destination

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Australia • Bangladesh • Cambodia • Hong Kong • Indonesia
Macau • Malaysia • New Zealand • Philippines • Saudi Arabia
South Africa • South Korea • Sri Lanka • Taiwan • Thailand • USA
$25 per destination

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Brazil NEW • China • Germany • India NEW • Italy • Japan • Netherlands
Russia NEW • Spain • United Kingdom
$50 Europe Data Passport

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Can be used in 28 destinations across Europe
Albania • Austria • Belgium • Croatia • Czech Republic • Estonia
Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Hungary • Ireland NEW • Italy
Latvia • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Malta • Netherlands • Poland • Portugal
Romania • Russia • Slovakia • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Turkey
United Kingdom
Flat $5 monthly charge for Multi-SIM users
(Regardless of number of Data Passports subscribed)
One-time $2 activation charge
per Data Passport

For a better experience, we recommend that you activate Data Passport online or via My M1 App before travelling. You can enjoy the convenience of not having to wait or queue to buy a Prepaid SIM card or risk losing your M1 SIM when changing SIM cards. With Data Passport, you will just need to select the relevant preferred network to start using your local data bundle(s) overseas.

Turn off mobile data and data roaming in Phone Settings before travelling
Switch on mobile device upon arrival when it is safe to do so
Manually search and select Data Passport preferred network
Turn on cellular data and data roaming in Phone Settings
Start using data!

Protected from Unintended Usage with Network Lock

Our Network Lock feature will ensure that data roaming usage is only available on preferred networks in Data Passport and $15 / $25 Unlimited Data Roaming destinations. This means that you can use data on our preferred network without incurring unintended data charges. At the same time, you have the flexibility to make calls and send SMS on all networks.

You can activate or de-activate Network Lock online, via My M1 App or dial *123#. Please re-start your device to refresh network settings upon activation or de-activation of the service.

Data Roaming Tips

  1. Dial *123# to activate Data Passport when you are overseas and have no access to mobile data connection. There are no roaming charges for using *123#.
  2. If you are subscribed to $100 Data Roaming Cap, the calculation of $100 usage will consider all data roaming usage. To continue data roaming usage in your selected Data Passport destination, you can de-activate $100 Data Roaming Cap by dialing *123#.
  3. If you are subscribed to Data Roaming Alert and Data Passport, you will still receive notification SMS when data roaming usage exceeds $50, $100 and $200 as the calculation of Data Roaming Alert will consider all data roaming usage.
  4. It is good practice to re-start your device to refresh network settings if you have activated or de-activated any roaming services e.g. Network Lock, Data Roaming Cap and Data Roaming Alert.

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