1. What is M1 Mobile Broadband?

    Mobile broadband is an exciting high speed mobile internet service offered by M1 that allows you to enjoy seamless internet access on-the-go. You can surf, email, stream music and download files anywhere. With Singapore's first 4G network and advanced High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network, M1 gives you outstanding coverage to do everything wherever you may be.

  2. What is 4G?

    4G is the next generation mobile network also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE).

  3. What is the speed of M1 4G?

    M1 4G can deliver download speeds of up to 300Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50Mbps. The typical download speed range (at fixed locations*) is 41.4Mbps to 103.4Mbps.

    *Find out how Typical Speed Range is derived

  4. What are the key propositions of M1 Mobile Broadband service?
    • Available everywhere in Singapore
    • Competitive price plans.
    • Simple to use devices that caters to individuals, family and groups.
    • Option for free rental of device.
    • Flexibility of short term contract of 6 months
    • Devices caters to both PCs and Laptops
    • Free Delivery to anywhere in Singapore
    • Enjoy great savings with attractive data roaming offers.

  5. What do I need to access M1 Mobile Broadband service?
    • Any M1 Mobile Broadband Plan subscription
    • An M1 Mobile Broadband capable broadband device
    • A PC or Laptop that meets the minimum system requirements
  6. To subscribe to M1 Mobile Broadband service and get started please call 1623 or order online here. You can also visit any M1 Shop.

  7. What are the M1 Mobile Broadband Plans?

    Please click here

  8. Is M1 Mobile Broadband available everywhere?

    For M1 3G Mobile Broadband service, it is available everywhere in Singapore and network overseas.

    For M1 4G Mobile Broadband service, it is available everywhere in Singapore except in MRT/express way tunnels, where there will only be 3G network. We will continue to enhance and expand our 4G network coverage.

    Customers on M1's 4G network will be able to enjoy 4G roaming services at popular destinations such as Malaysia (Celcom), Hong Kong (SmarTone), South Korea (SK Telecom) and Canada (Telus). Click here to find out more.

  9. How do I enjoy M1 4G Mobile Broadband services?

    Customers will need to sign up for a 4G Mobile Broadband mData+ plan, with option of SIM only or Mobile Broadband device (Tablet, USB stick, Mobile Wifi Modem or Router).

  10. Is 4G data usage charged separately from 3G data usage?

    If you have subscribed to the 4G Booster VAS, the data bundle of your Mobile Broadband plan is applicable for both 4G and 3G data usage.

  11. How do I check how much data I have used?

    You can check your data usage via:

    • Manage My Account
    • My M1 App

  12. Do I have to change my SIM card to enjoy 4G service?

    For 3G SIM card users, you will not be required to change your SIM card to enjoy 4G service.

  13. How will I know that I am connected to 4G network on my tablet/laptop?

    The 4G signal will be reflected on your 4G tablet signal bar. For 4G Mobile Broadband USB stick used on laptops, it will be reflected in the connection manager software.

  14. Why can't my 4G Mobile Broadband device from overseas work on M1's 4G network?

    As different operators around the world adopt different 4G technology, your 4G device might be configured to run only on a specific country's 4G network and thus not compatible with M1's 4G network.

  15. How much do I need to pay if I use Voice and SMS on my Mobile Broadband SIM card?


    Local Airtime Charges
    (Excluding Mobile Broadband V plans)
    Peak Hours (Mon - Sat, 9am - 9pm)
    1st min. at 21.4¢, 2nd min. onwards at 10.7¢

    Off-Peak Hours (Sun, Public Holidays, Mon - Sat, 9pm - 9am)
    5.35¢ per min

    Charged by 1st min. block, followed by 6 sec. block
    Video Call Charges 16.05¢ per min. (charges apply in blocks of 1 min.)
    Local CSD Data/CSD Fax 10.7¢ per min
    SMS Charges 5.35¢ per SMS
    MMS Charges 32.1¢ per local MMS (0-30kb)
    85.6¢ per local MMS (>30kb)

    For V plans: Free incoming calls, $0.08/min outgoing local calls and IDD 021 Calls ($0.08/min to selected destinations) , roaming and SMS usage will be charged separately. Selected destinations: Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and USA. IDD 021 calls at $0.08/min are also applicable for voice calls made to any residential line in Australia, UK and New Zealand, while voice calls made to any mobile line are at fixed rates of $0.28/min, $0.30/min and $0.50/min respectively. Local call rate applies to all IDD calls made.

  16. Can I use M1 Mobile Broadband overseas?

    Yes, M1 Mobile Broadband customers can roam in countries with 3G or 4G network. Whats more, enjoy great savings with attractive data roaming offers with unlimited data roaming at $15 per day and lowest data roaming rate at $0.05/10kb on selected networks/countries. Click here to find out more.

  17. Can I subscribe to other Value Added services like Multi-Sim, IDD, Roaming, Blackberry, Connecting Tones, CLIP services with M1 Mobile Broadband Plans?

    Except for Blackberry VAS, you can subscribe to all the other Value Added services including Roaming and IDD.

  18. Is my Mobile Broadband plan eligible for Multi-SIM service?

    Multi-SIM service is eligible on selected Mobile Broadband plans with limited data bundle. Click here for more information on Multi-SIM service.

  19. What are the factors affecting Mobile Broadband download speeds?

    Download speed is affected by a combination of factors:

    • The broadband device/equipment used
    • Your environment - distance from the broadband network site, signal strength, atmospheric conditions (e.g. electrical interference) and building materials
    • The load on the 3G/4G broadband site (the number of other people online & network associated traffic)
    • The condition of the networks you're connecting to, such as the Internet or your corporate LAN
    • Your computer and applications you're running, such as Outlook or Internet Explorer