Data Roaming Alert

What is Data Roaming Alert?
Data Roaming Alert offers the following services:

  • Data Roaming Alert for postpaid M1 customers based on their bill cycle, triggered when data roaming charges reach $50, $100 and $200.
  • Option to check roaming rates for the country customer is located.
  • Option to view preferred partner network information.

What are the charges for Data Roaming Alert?
Data Roaming Alert is free.

What do I need to do if, in the country I am in, I cannot activate Data Roaming Alert through *123#?
There is a chance that the network you are using does not support USSD. Try switching to another network.
Alternatively, customers can access Data Roaming Alert through My M1 App (prevailing roaming charges apply).

If I am using a Data SIM, can I use Data Roaming Alert?
No, Data Roaming Alert does not work on Data SIMs.

What is the difference between Data Roaming Alert and Data Roaming Cap?
Data Roaming alert informs customers when data usage charges hit an estimated $50, $100, $200 and does not cap data roaming.

With Data Roaming Cap, data roaming will be stopped once data usage charges reach $100.

Can I customise or have more Data Roaming Alerts?
No, the alerts are fixed at the $50, $100 and $200.

After hitting the $200 alert, customers can deactivate and reactivate Data Roaming Alert so that customers can again receive the $50, $100 and $200 alerts. This merely resets the usage counter. The earlier charges have incurred.

I'm currently using data roaming on Malaysia Celcom, which is part of $15 Unlimited Data Roaming. How will this be reflected when I check my data usage?
Data usage will reflect $15 for the first day and $30 for the second day.

Must Data Roaming Service be active before I can activate Data Roaming Alert?
Yes, customers have to activate roaming and Data Roaming before activating Data Roaming Alert.

Will I get the high usage SMS alert for data roaming if I have activated Data Roaming Alert?
No, the high usage SMS will be replaced with Data Roaming Alerts.

Can I use Data Roaming Alert if I have turned on Data Roaming Cap?

Will the Data Roaming Alert service be activated once I have activated the service?
No, you should wait for the activation SMS before using data.

How will I be informed by Data Roaming Alert?
You will get an SMS alert from 1627 on your phone. The service is free.

*123# has asked me for my birth date. When I typed it in, it does not work. Why?
The mobile number of the phone you are using has to be registered under your name. If it is not, please enter the birth date of the person who registered that number.

The birth date should be entered in DDMMYYYY format.

If the problem persists, please call M1 Customer Service Hotline on 1627 (Singapore) or +65 96801627 (overseas).

When will the data roaming usage captured by Data Roaming Alert be reset automatically?
The usage counter will be reset at the end of every bill cycle. You can also manually restart you usage counter by deactivating and activating Data Roaming Alert.

I accidentally deactivated roaming service and can't reactivate it now that I am overseas. What do I do?
When overseas, you can call the M1 Customer Service Hotline on +65 96801627 (Roaming call charges apply) for assistance.

How can I check roaming rates and preferred partner networks?
Dial *123#, select Local Roaming Rates or Preferred Partner Networks. A USSD message will inform you about the preferred network and rates.

If I have activated Data Roaming Cap, can I check how much usage I've incurred?
No you can’t.  Checking of data usage is for customers who have activated Data Roaming Alert.

While using BlackBerry $72 Unlimited VAS and Data Roaming Alert simultaneously, what will the data usage show?
Data usage check on *123# should reflect $0.

What is the difference in activating Data Roaming Alert or checking data roaming usage on My M1 App and USSD?
Both My M1 App and *123# allows you to access both functions. However, the use of My M1 App while roaming is chargeable.

Data Roaming Cap

What is the Data Roaming Cap Service?
It is a free service provided by M1 that allows customers to limit their Data Roaming usage to under $100. Data Roaming services will be cut off upon reaching the cap/usage limit. Pre-termination SMS alerts will be sent at $80, followed by the termination SMS alert when Data Roaming services is cut off at the cap limit. However, customers may not receive such SMS alerts through certain devices (e.g. laptops, tablets) and under certain circumstances (e.g. foreign network conditions). This Service helps customers avoid ‘bill shocks’.

What are the charges for the Data Roaming Cap?
There is no subscription or registration fee. The Service is completely free. However, SMS activation from overseas will incur SMS roaming charges.

Who is eligible for the subscription to the Data Roaming Cap?
Only M1 Postpaid customers will be eligible for the Data Roaming Cap.

What is the length of time that the Data Roaming Cap will be in place?
The Data Roaming Cap will be in place as long as customer does not explicitly request for it to be removed, regardless of Roaming status.

When will the Data Roaming Cap be removed?
The Service will only be removed when customers remove/opt out of the Service, which may be done through SMS, Customer Service Centres, Call Centre and Manage My Account.

How long will it take for the Data Roaming Cap to take effect?
The system works on real time, so once customers have received the confirmation SMS of the activation of the Data Roaming Cap, the Service would be in place and working already.

Data Roaming charges will stop exactly at $100?
If customers opt in for the Service, their Data Roaming charges will not be charged beyond $100 in a billing cycle from the time of opt-in. However, the total Data Roaming charges in a bill cycle depend on various factors. Please refer to terms and conditions above.

Does it mean that my Data Roaming bill will always be $100 or less?
The total Data Roaming charges depend on various factors, including but not limited to:

  1. The number of times the customers opt in for the Service in one bill cycle
  2. Data roaming charges incurred before opting in for DRC
  3. Data roaming charges incurred after opting out of DRC
Subscription fees for other promotions/bundles/discounts for data roaming are different from data roaming charges and the Data Roaming Cap.

Will I still have my data roaming cut off if I opted in for the Data Roaming Cap but am on the $15 Unlimited Data Roaming promotion networks?
You will still be able to enjoy the $15 Unlimited Data Roaming. Data roaming charges will still be capped at $15 a day.

Your data roaming will be cut off when you:

  1. Have used the $15 Unlimited Data Roaming for a few days, where the cumulative charges of $15/day has reached the usage limit in the Data Roaming Cap;
  2. Have used data roaming services on both Partner and Non-Partner Networks, where the cumulative charges of both $15/day and the non-discounted data roaming rate has reached the usage limit in the Data Roaming Cap.

What happens if I subscribed to a Data Roaming Bundle and I opt in for the Data Roaming Cap?
Once you have opted in to the Data Roaming Cap, data roaming will be cut off upon reaching the usage limit of Data Roaming Cap.

Computation of the Cap usage limit is based on the prevailing rates of Data Roaming. Customers will be billed as per the Data Roaming Bundle subscription plus ‘Pay Per Use’ charges (in excess of Data Roaming Bundle, if applicable).

If I subscribed to the 100 MB Data Roaming Bundle, when will the Data Roaming Cap kick in?
The Data Roaming Cap will start upon customer opting in. Data roaming will be cut off upon reaching the Cap, and charged at prevailing data roaming rates.

Why did my data roaming get cut off before I fully utilized my Data Roaming Bundle when I opted in for the Data Roaming Cap?
Data roaming will be cut off at cap limit, regardless of whether Data Roaming Bundles have been utilized.

I am experiencing problems opting in for the Data Roaming Cap via SMS again, within the same day. What should I do in order to opt-in for the service again?
Customers can send the same request via SMS only once per day. Please use other self-service channels if customers wish to opt-in for DRC again, or wait for the next day to opt in via SMS.

Can I increase the data cap limit to another amount of my choice?
No. The Data Roaming Cap is provided at the same cap limit to all customers who opt in for it.

Why did I not receive any termination messages when my data usage was cut off?
Depending on the foreign network conditions, customers may not have had sufficient network access at the point where your data roaming usage was terminated.

Will there be termination charges if I were to opt out of the Data Roaming Cap?
No, there will be no termination charges.