How will my Premium IDD 002 call be charged?

Postpaid Prepaid
Prime and other bill plan
Per second bill
Per 6 second block
Per second block
with minimum 1-minute charge
Per 6 second block
with minimum 1-minute charge
Per second block
with minimum 1-minute charge

Do I need to pay any registration fee when applying for Premium IDD 002?
There is no registration fees.

I'm an existing M1 customer. Do I have to register to use Premium IDD 002 service?
Existing M1 customers do not have to register to use the Premium IDD 002 service. It is automatically available on all M1 mobile and fixed lines.

Who needs to register for Premium IDD 002?
SingTel and StarHub subscribers are required to register with M1 in order to use IDD 002. Please call 1627 for assistance.

How do I prevent unauthorized international calling access?
To avoid unauthorized international calling access, customer can manually activate the call barring feature on their phone. Alternatively, call 1627 for further assistance. For guide to activate call barring manually, click here.

I'm an M1 customer. How will I get my bills?
Premium IDD 002 charges will be reflected in customer's mobile phone bill on a monthly basis.

I'm an M1 customer. Can I just press '+' instead of dialling 002 to make an international call?
Yes, M1 customers can just press 65 to make international calls. All calls made using 65 will be charged at Premier IDD 002 rates.