In what denominations is the ICC 1818 card available?
Customers can purchase a physical 1818 card in $10 denomination at all M1 Shops, authorized dealers and convenience stores. $10, $20 and $50 denominations are also available at all AXS stations.

Can I transfer the remaining value in my old card to a new card?
Yes, customers can use card merging to transfer the remaining value in the old card to a new card. The total on the new card must not exceed $20.

Can I make local calls using the 1818 card?
No. Customers can only make overseas calls in Singapore.

How do I find out the expiry date of the 1818 card?
Customers will be informed of the expiry date after keying in the PIN of the card.

Can I extend the expiry date of my 1818 card?
No, the card is valid for 90 days after customers initiate the first call.

Can I use the 1818 card with a payphone or mobile phone?
Yes. Customers can make calls from any fixed/mobile phone and all payphones.

Will I be charged for busy or unsuccessful calls?
No. Customers will only be charged once call is connected.

Will I be reimbursed if I lose the 1818 card or if it is damaged?
No. Customers are responsible for the card after purchase. During purchase, please ensure that the card is not damaged and that the security seal has not been tampered with or scratched.

What do I need to do when I cannot get through to the access number 1818?
It is possible to experience network congestion at the time of call. It is also possible that the phone does not support 1818 service. Please try calling from another phone.

Can I use the 1818 card to call back to Singapore?
No, 1818 is only applicable for calls made from Singapore out to a foreign number.

Can I extend the expiry date of my card if my date of purchase is less than 3 months before the printed expiry date?
No, the expiry date will not be extended. Card will still be valid for 90 days if customers make the first call before the printed expiry date. For example, if the printed expiry date on the card is Dec 2004 and customers make the first call on 1 Nov 2004, the expiry date will be 30 Jan 2005.

Why is there another expiry date printed on the card packaging?
The printed expiry date indicates the life span of the card. To extend the validity of the card, customers have to make the first call before the printed date.

Will I be charged for local airtime when I make overseas calls using mobile phones?
When you make an international call with the 1818 card using a mobile phone, you will be billed for the local airtime charges and ICC 1818 international calling rates.

From 3rd March 2016, local airtime charges will apply for all international calls made on M Card via ICC 1818.

How many times can I perform Card Merging on the same card?
You may transfer the balance as many times as you wish so long as the total value of the card does not exceed $20. However, for security reasons, Card Merging will not be allowed on the same card after 180 days. This means, you will not be able to hold on to the same card for more than 180 days. You will then need to transfer any remaining value to another new card.

Can I transfer an 8-pin card value to another 8-pin card?
Yes, you can. However, you will not be able to transfer a 10-pin card value to an 8-pin card.