1. What is SuperPac plan and what are the benefits?

    It is a prepayment plan. Under this plan, you’ll enjoy all day Free Incoming Calls, Free Local Outgoing  Calls from 12am-10am, Free Local Data Surfing from 12am-10am and viewing of your transaction details online (up to 2 months records). You will need to reload with $25 ($30 value)/$38 ($60 value) every 30 days in order to enjoy all the benefits.

  2. Is there any expiry date for my SuperPac plan?

    Upon activation or reload, your SuperPac value and plan will be valid for 30 days and 90 days respectively.

  3. Can I roll over my SuperPac value?

    Yes.You need to reload within 30 days before your SuperPac value expires in order to roll over all the remaining values.

  4. What will happen to my remaining SuperPac value if no reload is done after 30 days?

    All your remaining value will not be refundable and transferable.

  5. How do I reload my SuperPac?

    You can do a $25 or $38 Reload via our Internet Reload service. Alternatively, you can also purchase a $25 SuperPac Reload Card at any M1 Shop / Exclusive Distributor.

  6. How do I know whether my reload is successful?

    Upon each successful reload, SMS notification will be sent to you accordingly.

  7. Can I reload with M Card Top-up Card or Super $130?

    No, you must reload with SuperPac reload of $25 or $38 in order to enjoy SuperPac benefits.

  8. How can I check my SuperPac Value?

    You can call 9760 0000 or login to Manage My Account via www.m1.com.sg

  9. Will I receive any bill?

    No. You will not receive any bills from M1 (except port-out, if any).

  10. Will I be able to check my detailed transaction history?

    Yes. You can login to Manage My Account via www.m1.com.sg to check all your usage and transaction history.

  11. I am an existing M Card customer. Can I switch plan to SuperPac and retain my mobile number?

    No. This is a prepayment plan and only postpaid customers are eligible to switch plan to SuperPac. You may however sign up for a new SuperPac line to enjoy all SuperPac benefits.

  12. If I make a call at 23:59 and ends at 00:20, will I be charged for 1 min and the rest of the call will be free?

    No, you’ll be charged according to the start time of the call. The call will be chargeable till the end. Similarly, if your call starts during free hours and end after free hours, your calls will not be chargeable.

  13. Are there any charges for calling a Toll-Free “1800” number from SuperPac?

    Yes, airtime charges apply for mobile calls made to “1800” local toll-free service numbers.

  14. My current postpaid mobile line is still on contract. Can I convert to SuperPac plan?

    No. You may convert your postpaid line when your contract has ended.

  15. I’m currently a SingTel/StarHub customer. Can I port-in my postpaid mobile number to SuperPac plan?

    Yes. Only postpaid mobile lines are allowed to be ported over to SuperPac Plan.

  16. I’ve changed my postpaid mobile tariff plan to SuperPac plan. Can I switch back to postpaid mobile plan again?

    Yes, if you have not reached the maximum lines allowed and are eligible to sign up.
    For changing of tariff plan from Postpaid Mobile tariff plan to SuperPac plan, your tenure for the mobile line will start anew.

  17. I am an M Card user, can I top up using a SuperPac reload card?

    SuperPac reload card are meant for SuperPac Plan. It is advisable to top up with an M Card Top-Up card to enjoy the full benefits of it.

  18. I downloaded few ringtones via GPRS at 8.50am. Why am I being charged since local data surfing is free during this period?

    Local data surfing is free during this period but content downloads are chargeable.

  19. How will I be charged for local data surfing?

    Pay-per-use local mobile data services are pre-activated and charged at 10.7¢/10KB. Local data surfing is free from 12am to 10am but content downloads are chargeable.

  20. How do I activate my mobile phone for Mobile Data Surfing?

    To activate your mobile phone for Mobile Data Surfing, follow the instruction below

  21. How can I check my SuperPac balance and other information?

    You can check the SuperPac balance and other information with the following instructions.