1. What is Entertainment Data?
    Entertainment Data is a value added service that enables customers to stream music and videos from selected content providers’ App for a flat fee without using their bill plan local data bundle. Customers who subscribe to the Entertainment Data VAS will be able to stream contents without any data usage deducted from their bill plan local data bundle. Entertainment data is applicable to all mobile and mobile broadband customers on eligible plans.

  2. Which content providers’ Apps are included in the Entertainment Data Bundle?
    At launch, content providers include Netflix App, Deezer App and Dailymotion App. M1 is looking to increase the number of content providers in the near future.

  3. Is Entertainment Data a Premium Rate Service (PRS)?
    No, it is not a Premium Rate Service.

  4. After subscribing to Entertainment Data, do I require to pay subscription fee to Content providers?
    Yes. Entertainment Data does not include any purchases or subscription fees to Content providers.

  5. How do I activate the Entertainment Data service?
  6. Can I still enjoy Entertainment Data after inserting my SIM card into another supported device?
    Yes. You can still enjoy Entertainment Data with the same SIM card.

  7. How do I enjoy free data usage incurred under Entertainment Data VAS?
    Customers will need to subscribe to Entertainment Data VAS first, after which data usages incurred under this service will be free. (Please see Q11 for exclusions) Please restart your mobile device after subscribing to ensure data usage is free.

  8. Can my SurfShare line subscribe to Entertainment Data?
    One Entertainment Data subscription is only applicable per one mobile line, including Surfshare supplementary lines. Therefore, the Surfshare line must subscribe separately for Entertainment data.

  9. I have Entertainment Data and I am subscribed to a Data Passport. Is my overseas usages incurred via my Data Passport zero-rated?
    No, Entertainment Data is not applicable for overseas usage.

  10. I have Entertainment Data and I am connected to a VPN. Will the data usages incurred be zero-rated?
    Entertainment Data will not work if the data is consumed through a VPN.

  11. I have Entertainment Data and I used my mobile device to tether, will the data usages incurred be zero-rated?
    Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (tethering) will not be included in the Zero-Rated Mobile Data as well.

  12. Why do I still incur some data charges from using the service?
    Non-partner hosted content, for example in-app advertisements and external links to web browsers, may be excluded from application of Zero-Rated Mobile Data.

  13. I have Entertainment Data and I am a multi-SIM customer, will all the usages incurred under the multi-SIMs be zero-rated?
    Yes, it is applicable. Customers get to enjoy Entertainment Data on multiple SIM cards.

  14. Does M1 practice Traffic Management measures for this VAS?
    Yes, M1 current traffic management policy applies.