1. What is iris NextBus?

    iris (Intelligent Route Information System) NextBus is an SBS Transit information service that provides information on when the next and subsequent buses of a particular service are arriving at a specified bus stop.

  2. Can everyone use iris NextBus?

    Yes, all M1 prepaid and postpaid customers can use iris NextBus.

  3. What handsets does iris NextBus work on?

    iris NextBus currently works on all SMS-supported handsets.

  4. What are the charges involved?

    The service is chargeable at $0.05 per request (before GST) for postpaid and prepaid customers. In addition, one SMS will be deducted from customer’s free SMS bundle per request. If customer does not have free SMS bundle or has exceeded the bundle, normal SMS charges will apply .

  5. What is the bus stop number?

    Every bus stop in Singapore has a unique 5-digit number. The next time you are at the bus stop, look up and spot the number at the top of the bus stop pole. Some bus stop numbers end with 'A' or 'Z', which is equivalent to '1' and '9' respectively. Hence, when querying the arrival time of services calling at these bus stops, the numeric bus stop number has to be used. Eg. When querying the arrival time of Service 161 at bus stop 4663A, 46631 should be entered as the bus stop number.

  6. What is the service number?

    The service number is simply the service number of the bus that you wish to take.