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  • Ever wish you could know where a loved one, especially a child or an elderly family member, is at any moment? Now you can. VSafe, a mobile application using GPS in real time, can automatically tell you the whereabouts of your loved ones via their phones. Location information is never shared with anyone other than those who have permission to see it.

    With real-time tracking, instant notifications and hands-free on-board operation, VSafe offers peace of mind for you and those dear to you.

    Key Features

    • GeoFencing Tool
      Alerts you of users' activity within a selected map location

    • SOS
      Immediately sends a distress signal to all designated VSafe accounts

    • Alerts & Notifications
      Get all alerts & notifications on your mobile device while VSafe runs in the background

    Step-by-step Guide

    For more information on VSafe activation, kindly download the user guides:

    Download the VSafe app from iTunes or Google Play.

    FAQs | Terms & Conditions

  • How is it charged?

    VSafe Monthly Subscription
    $2.99/mth (incl. GST)
    Charged to monthly M1 Postpaid bill

    How to subscribe?

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