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Now you do! Stay up to date with the latest happenings by getting the latest business, local, world and soccer news fresh from SPH.

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We’re bringing you the latest business, local, world, soccer and Chinese news straight from SPH and onto your phone’s screen.

Every news article will be crisp and concise for easy reading and can be stored in your phone for as long as you like. Just make sure you have enough space for all your other things!

To subscribe, SMS “SPH” to 14602222

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1. What is SPH Breaking News?
SPH Breaking News is an SMS subscription service that ‘pushes’ the latest news to subscribers via SMS or MMS. 
2. How do I start using SPH Breaking News?
You need to do a one-time subscription in order to start receiving your Breaking News alerts. 
3. What types of news content can I expect to receive?
The types of news content that you will receive will depend on the news services that you choose to subscribe to. There are 5 different news services available for subscription:
  • Business Times News
  • Strait Times Singapore News
  • Straits Times World News
  • Chinese – ShinMin/WanBao Soccer News
  • Chinese – ZaoBao News