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When you’re out experiencing the world, the last thing you want is to worry about is missing a call. Well, not anymore! Just sign up for our Roaming Missed Call Alert.

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Receive an SMS alert with the caller’s number, date and time of call so that you can return that call promptly.


Daily Subscription Fee
(capped at $5/month)

Activation And Deactivation


1. Access the Roaming Tab, select Subscribe to more services and choose Roaming Missed Call Alert

2. Select Subscribe / Unsubscribe. Select Confirm and OK to subscribe / unsubscribe.


You will receive a confirmation SMS once the service is activated. Click here for the full roaming guide.

Never Miss Important Calls


1. How can I activate Missed Call Alert service?
Prior to Alert Activation, customers are required to have either Roaming Subscription or Pay-Per-Use Roaming activated. Customers can call 1627, or activate via
  • SMS: Send to 1627
  • Manage My Account, Click Here

2. Can I use Missed Call Alert in Singapore?
Missed Call Alert is only for customers roaming overseas with M1.
3. Why am I charged for incoming SMS as well as Missed Call Alert?
Foreign operator may impose charges for receiving incoming SMS.