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Manage your overseas data usage with $100 Data Roaming Cap and Data Roaming Alert, and enjoy peace of mind as you share your adventures with the world.

Keep your roaming usage


Get Data Roaming Cap (DRC) and your data roaming usage will suspend automatically once it reaches $100. Otherwise, subscribe to Data Roaming Alert (DRA) and get alerts when data roaming usage hits pre-set levels of $50, $100 and $200.

Note that you may only subscribe to either DRC or DRA at any one time.

Both services are provided free!

Data Roaming Alert


Activation and Deactivation:

1. Access the Roaming Tab, select Subscribe to more services and choose Data Roaming Alert.

2. Select Subscribe / Unsubscribe.

3. Select Confirm and OK to subscribe / unsubscribe. You will receive a confirmation SMS once the service is activated / de-activated.

1. What is Data Roaming Alert?

Data Roaming Alert offers the following services:

  • Data Roaming Alert for Postpaid M1 customers based on their bill cycle, triggered when data roaming charges reach $50, $100 and $200.
  • Option to check roaming rates for the country customer is located.
  • Option to view preferred partner network information.

2. What is Data Roaming Alert?

Data Roaming Alert is free.