IRAS compliant accounting, billing & inventory software that meets SME’s business needs.


MadSoft Professional has sales and purchase module integrated with accounting to assist businesses to manage GST reporting and financial without hassle. Accounting dashboard provide visibility of financial health while Sales Dashboard assist to manage sales KPI through detailed analysis of sales performance, cycle length and customers’ purchasing pattern.

MadSoft Business is an integrated inventory and accounting solutions that enable real-time updates of stock levels and financial information upon order confirmation. It provides complete visibility of financial health, cashflow status, sales KPI, Inventory and delivery status for better planning and forecast.




Increase work efficiency and higher accuracy with automated features while lowering the risk of human errors.

Hassle-free with easy to use interface and set your favourite entries and reports.

Audit trail at your fingertips to provide a source of evidence to trace error or misuse of data.

More accurate forecast in ordering stock items with knowledge of available stock item quantity against outstanding sales orders or purchase orders.

Improve customer order fulfilment with a system reminder list to replenish stock items when the balance reaches reorder level.

Save storage cost by not overstocking.

Increase staff productivity with seamless order processing.

Instant view of which supplier is supplying the lowest price of the same stock item.


MadSoft Business
(Starter Plan)

per user per month

24-month contract with the first 6 months free

Madsoft Professional
(Lite Plan)

$19.90* (U.P. $29.90)
per user per month

18-month contract with the first 6 months free

MadSoft Business
(Lite Plan)

$29.90* (U.P. $39.90)
per user per month

18-month contract with the first 6 months free



*Promotion price for Lite Plan valid till 31 March 2021.

  1. Can renewal of subscription be done after contract ends?
    Yes, renewal can be done.

  2. Are there any cancellation fees if I terminate the service during the contract period?
    No cancellation fees are required.

  3. Can my online service be converted to an On-Premise platform?
    Yes, conversion can be done, and the database will be restored to an On-Premise licence.

  4. How can the system control access for different users?
    The system has multi-level access rights to control user access to the different modules.

  5. Is year-end processing required?
    The system has an unlimited accounting period, meaning no year-end processing is required.

  6. How are backups performed?
    Scheduled backups will be performed on a daily basis.