Channel Partner Programme

At M1, we know what it takes to create successful and rewarding partnership for our partners. We can help to grow your business while combining your expertise with our comprehensive suite of business solutions.

With M1's own NGNBN operating company, we can customize solutions to the needs of our business customers, lower our operating expenses and increase our competitiveness in the market. Being an established full-service provider of mobile and fixed communications services in Singapore, we are confident to take you on a journey to wealth.

As M1's valued channel partner, you will be assured of the business support you need to build a mutually profitable partnership. We have a strong and dedicated team to facilitate your business growth while strengthening our synergy.

Drive Profits with M1 Channel Partner Programme

Be part of M1 and join us now to enjoy the following benefits:

Expand your customer base with immediate extension of product
and solution offerings
Increase awareness for your business with M1's reputable brand and marketing support
Direct communication channel
with M1 to foster close and
trusted partnership
Financial gains through attractive commission, discount
and incentive programs
Extensive sales training on M1's products and solutions to power
your sales team
Round-the-clock customer service and technical support hotline at M1
to manage customer expectations

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