Fibre Broadband Connectivity


Increase your office productivity with our one-stop business connectivity. This means you’ll be able to do what you do best. Awesome? We think so too.

Data Networking

Local Connectivity

We’re revolutionising business connectivity with our secure and cost effective private data networking. Don’t miss out. Get onboard!

Global Connectivity

Widen your horizons and extend your reach with our International connections that takes you to places, anywhere and anytime — globetrot the world like never before!

Internet Access

Fibre BizPac Dynamic (GPON)

Be connected! View emails and browse the Internet reliably whenever you need with M1 Dynamic Fibre Broadband.

BizPac Static

Be independent! Businesses hosting their own web, mail and business application servers should opt for M1 Static Fibre Broadband because it’s faster and more competitively priced.

GigE Static

Be unstoppable! M1’s islandwide high-speed fibre broadband with committed 2Gbps bandwidth ensures reliable connectivity and uninterrupted business performance.


Managed DDoS Mitigation Services

DDoS attacks affect how your customers experience your technology. Protect against them with our managed DDoS mitigation service.

Managed Firewall Service

With our fully-managed Unified Threat Management, you can now set your minds at ease as you take on the competition and focus on growing your business.

Other Services


Providing Internet access shouldn’t cost you a bomb. Wireless@SG provides cost-efficient Internet access for your office and guests.

Managed Wi-Fi

Enjoy seamless connectivity wherever you are on the network, so you can work anywhere. 

Managed Broadband Monitoring

Decisions are crucial in business. With Network Analytics, you can view the data you need to make an informed one.