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SINGAPORE, 7 August 2017 – M1 Limited (M1) today announced the launch of Southeast Asia’s[1] first commercial nationwide NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) network, and the second such network worldwide. This network will catalyse smart solutions innovation and support Singapore’s transformation into a Smart Nation.  

The Internet of Things (IoT), in enabling hyper-connectivity to millions of devices, sensors and services, is a key Smart Nation building block. With the launch of M1’s NB-IoT network, solution providers and businesses can now develop and deploy new IoT-enabled solutions.  

Today, M1 and its partners have available IoT solutions such as smart energy management for buildings, environmental monitoring, asset tracking and fleet management. The NB-IoT network will spur the development of many more solutions in the future.  

“The launch of Southeast Asia’s first commercial nationwide NB-IoT network will accelerate our journey into a digital society. The Internet of Things will open up an incredible array of fresh opportunities and innovation. We look forward to working closely with government agencies, technology partners, and customers to enable smart solutions for everything and everyone,” said Ms Karen Kooi, Chief Executive Officer, M1.  

“The Internet of Things is a key technology area for growth which will drive Singapore’s Digital Economy for a Smart Nation. We are heartened that M1 has rolled out their narrowband IoT network on a nationwide basis and partnered enterprises to bring ready solutions to market and accelerate innovation to empower possibilities. We encourage companies to embrace the exciting benefits of NB-IoT as we move towards the digital future,” said Mr Tan Kiat How, Chief Executive, Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore. 

One forward-looking organisation is Keppel Electric. As part of a collaboration, Keppel Electric is piloting the NB-IoT Energy Management Meter, which is expected to enable it to deploy power and water meters to its customers’ premises faster and more cost-effectively. These meter will further enable commercial, industrial and residential customers to track their energy usage.  

This will help Keppel’s customers make more efficient and effective use of this valuable resource. 

“With the full liberalisation of the electricity market expected in 2018, the launch of M1’s NB-IoT network is a timely development for us and our customers, who will get to enjoy easy access to useful real-time consumption data at a lower cost. We also see the potential of such implementations helping consumers to manage their electricity use more prudently,” said Ms Janice Bong, General Manager, Keppel Electric.  

M1 will host industry partners and businesses on 8 August 2017 to showcase the possibilities of IoT technology and innovation. Participants will be able to engage with IoT experts and experience market ready NB-IoT solutions and devices. 

Annex A: NB-IoT

Only a small fraction of the billions of devices that can get connected are today – too inaccessible, too many, too expensive to be connected through traditional network technologies.   

To support their specialised needs, the GSMA aligned the industry behind the industrial grade low power wide area NB-IoT technology standard, which has been ratified by the 3GPP.  

Advantages of NB-IoT technology include low-bandwidth, robust indoor penetration and highly efficient power usage, complemented by the benefits of utilising licensed spectrum such as data integrity, user confidentiality and security.  

Global operator support for NB-IoT is strong[2], and with increased adoption and economies of scale, the cost of NB-IoT devices is expected to fall rapidly. 

Annex B: Partner quotes

“The GSMA’s Mobile IoT initiative encouraged the market to adopt licensed LPWA networks that would cover all use cases and accelerate the adoption of IoT services. We are now seeing real momentum with multiple commercial launches around the world and the development of numerous innovative solutions that will benefit from LPWA’s attributes of flexibility, security and low cost. We look forward to seeing more launches in the coming months.”
~ Mr Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA.   

“Nokia is very proud to partner with M1 as they spearhead the launch of NB-IoT networks and accelerate the deployment of IoT connectivity in Singapore. The launch today serves as a significant milestone since our joint efforts in conducting the nation’s first ‘live’ NB-IoT demo last year. We will continue to tap on our IoT and network expertise to offer more innovative approaches to IoT enablement, in line with Singapore’s Smart Nation vision.”
~ Mr Nicolas Bouverot, head of Asia South, Nokia.

Annex C: Market ready NB-IoT solutions            

Smart Metering
Anacle’s Tesseract is a smart metering device which can be easily deployed without the need for complex infrastructure such as power cabling or communications equipment, enabling utility companies to swiftly deploy and enjoy the benefits of advanced smart meters. With the coming energy market liberalisation in 2018, this device will greatly improve utility companies’ speed to market and operational efficiency. Tesseract’s proactive functions further empower end-users to optimise their energy consumption efficiently including identification of faulty electrical appliances.

The Tessaract solution is future proof, compatible with a wide spectrum of networks including NB-IoT, 4G, and WiFi. Built on the Android platform, with 64-bit computing power and 10GB in-device storage encryption and processing power, the Tessaract’s capabilities can be easily expanded in situ with new management applications, similar to a smart phone.


  • Utility companies
  • Property managers and developers
  • Industrial and commercial building owners as well as residential home owners


Smart Environmental Monitoring
Environmental monitoring can help improve the quality of our living environment, as well as provide advance warnings of potential environmental hazards to prevent injury, loss of life, and damage to the environment and economy. This solution integrates affordable IoT sensors with low power WAN networks, cloud computing and data analytics, to make large scale environmental monitoring a reality.

TCAM’s solution is suitable for all environments including harsh or hazardous outdoor environments.  The solution can be easily deployed as does not require expensive cabling for power or solar panels, and maintenance is minimised as it can operate on battery power for at least five years.


  • Flood monitoring or sewer water level monitoring
  • Water and gas pipe monitoring for leakage
  • Environmental comfort for air quality, temperature, humidity, or noise levels
  • Smart agriculture monitoring, such as soil moisture and temperature
  • Temperature-sensitive high value agriculture such as fish or bee hive farming


Smart NB-IoT GPS Trackers
Comcentric’s innovative fleet management solutions dynamically monitor mobile assets including vehicles, containers, personnel and cargo. 

The tracker features ultra-low power consumption and can operate for several months in battery mode in hard-to-access place. The robust integration with the software platform ensures it captures all critical data points from the 3GPP compliant embedded u-blox GPS Module and u-blox SARA-N2 NB-IoT modules.


  • Fleet management


Smart GPS Lock
Integrated with a tracking platform, the solution provides real-time location with door access status.



Robust, tamper- and weather-proofed, the GPS lock is designed to be mounted onto shipping container or logistics vehicle doors for real-time controls and secured access. 

Doors can be remotely locked and unlocked, and the keyless design further reduces the risk of loss of keys. The built-in rechargeable battery means no external power source is required.


  • Logistics vehicles
  • Shipping containers


Smart Waste Management|
Smart City’s centralised management system enables waste management companies to enhance their productivity through more efficient cleaning and collection routes.

Fill level sensors attached to trash bin receptacles will send out alerts through text messages or mobile app notifications when the appropriate level of waste is reached, to inform cleaners to clear them. This allows waste management companies to reduce wasted resources such as manpower and fuel by only clearing containers that require immediate attention, thus improving operational efficiency.
Sensors are IP65 rated for water and dust protection, integrated alerts, and GPS, and are powered through a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 24 months of operations.Over time the waste data collected can be aggregated and analysed through M1’s data analytics platform to help the company further streamline its operations.


  • Waste management industry

Smart Toilet
Sensors that alert cleaners when toilets need to be cleaned enable building owners and cleaning companies to deliver a more pleasant on-premise experience, reduce tenant complaints, and enhance operational efficiency.

Infra-red traffic are integrated with “electronic nose” sensors that monitor odour levels including ammonia (present in urine) and hydrogen sulphide (present in faeces) to alert building managers and cleaning companies when toilets need to be cleaned.
User-friendly with a graphical user-interface, and easily accessible through a browser or smartphone app with email or messaging alerts, this solution will prompt cleaning resources to be dispatched as needed, rather than at via traditional fixed cleaning schedules.
Maintenance free, cost effective and scalable, this solution helps building owners, facilities managers, and cleaning companies make more optimal use of their cleaning resources and deliver fresher toilets at the same time.


  • Building and facilities owners
  • Facilities management companies
  • Cleaning companies


[1] GSA July 2017 update: 6 commercial NB-IoT networks: Telus Canada, T-Mobile, Telia Norway, Vodafone Spain, Deutsche Telekom, and Vodacom South Africa (https://gsacom.com/paper/evolution-lte-5g-july-2017-update/)

[2]GSA July 2017 update: 55 networks across 37 countries, with 18 to launch in 2017 (https://gsacom.com/paper/evolution-lte-5g-july-2017-update/)

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